Russian Collectible Nesting doll - Indian Princesses Doll 5pc./5"

Russian Collectible Nesting doll - Indian Princesses Doll 5pc./5"
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Indian Princesses Doll 5pc./5"

Five Native American princesses in traditional dress are depicted on this charming nesting doll with ethnic flair.

The Amazonian Native Queen that became the sole representation for the Americas in 1575, remained to be so until about 1765. The Mother-Goddess figure - full-bodied, powerful, nurturing but dangerous - embodying the affluence and peril of the New World, began to change in time.

Her skin colour became lighter and she became thinner. The new queen resembled the Greco-Roman goddesses like Athena or Diana, representing more a European, non-Indian America.

In fact, the Statue of Liberty is reminiscent of this new queen. As the colonies began to move toward independence, the Queen's daughter, the more "American" and less Latin Princess became the new stereotypical image.

She represented American Liberty and European Classical virtue translated into New World terms. Thus, the Princess image of the Native American woman came into being.

When real Indian women - Pocahontas and her sisters - made their appearance, the responses to the symbol grew more complex.

The Indian woman with her crude native nobility and the image of the savage continued to stand for the New World, and the beautiful Princess (Pocahontas) that stood for the Indian women's nobility.
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